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Published On: Mon, Nov 24th, 2014

DVD: Biophilia

biophiliaThere is a unique sense of creativity and exploration that has remained a constant throughout Björk’s career and it’s on exhibit throughout her new concert film, Biophilia. The film, which runs just over an hour and a half and includes just under 20 songs, is focused mostly on the Biophilia material, but also includes such classics as “Possibly Maybe,” “Isobel,” and “One Day,” along with a few tracks off Medulla.

The film was directed by Nick Fenton and Peter Strickland, who mostly keep to the perspective of a viewer with different angles and natural edits, but occasionally speed the pace with songs like the volcanic “Mutual Core.” The film begins with a gorgeous visual prologue voiced by naturalist David Attenborough. The stage show is expectedly colorful and artsy with beautiful projected imagery, some really interesting instruments, and a oversized diva wig and museum-worthy wardrobe, which could double as an art piece (and might, literally, after the recent announcement that MoMA will be creating a retrospective on the singer soon).

The sound quality of the film is outstanding and Björk’s voice continues to impress as she is flanked by a crew of beautiful Icelandic backup singers in gold and blue costumes and her musical accompaniment. The film is an obvious must-see for fans, but remains an interesting pairing of visuals, performance, and music for anyone who’s into that sort of thing. The only drawback from a fan’s perspective is that Björk and the directors didn’t push the envelope even further and create a full-out art film. Even as a traditional concert film though, it still stands out.

You can purchase the DVD here.


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DVD: Biophilia