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Published On: Thu, Nov 27th, 2014

THE SEX FILES: And The Bears Have It…Interview with Wendy Adams of Teddy Love

Teddy LoveSo I spoke with Wendy Adams from Teddy Love, who is taking a certain new ‘twist’ on the cuddly teddy bear, Wendy’s company has developed what could turn out to be the cutest and at the same time, the hottest adult toy for couples to hit the market in years. Launching just in time for the holiday gift giving season, you can grab your Teddy Love bear (boasting 10 speeds) in Hustler stores, certain Adam & Eve retail locations, Metro, Pink Cherry, and Williams Trading distributions, to name a few (and at the Teddy Love website). I asked this down-to-Earth east-coast inventor about how and why her bear came to be…and where she hopes he maybe be going in the very near future.

I guess first and foremost we should start with…how did you ever come up with this idea, to have a teddy bear basically be a vibrator?

I have always had a very deep connection to teddy bears. My sister and I grew up with a working mom, in a single parent household so when we found ourselves alone we took to and cuddled this one teddy bear we had, he was a true comfort for us growing up. When my husband and I had our own kids I was sure to have plenty of teddy bears around and one night I was lying on the couch under the covers snuggling one of those teddy bears and his hard cold nose rubbed across my nipple by accident. So I started playing around and my husband came down the stairs, caught me and asked what I was doing (she laughs). We started laughing and playing around together and I said to him that it would be really cool to have a vibrator built into his nose and he ran with the idea.

And from there…?

My husband found an engineering company in California to make us the first prototype and we kept tweaking from there, . We then worked on where to put the controls, how to get the muzzle to work just right, getting the cuteness factor right, etc.

How long did that process take?

It was a good year and half of trial and error…and cost. Four prototypes later we had our final product.

But now you have a product that’s getting acclaim across the board.

Yes, the industry has embraced Teddy Love and we couldn’t be happier. We are nominated for four Xbiz awards (Innovative Sex Toy of the Year – Design, Specialty Pleasure Product of the Year, Adult Game/Novelty Product of the Year and New Pleasure Products Company of the Year) and are waiting for AVN’s final nominations. And we have some great distribution and retailers on board. It’s very exciting.

Let’s talk a bit about your professional background. You come from an interesting place as far as sexual health is concerned. I think it all flows perfectly into Teddy Love.

Yes, well I was working in the medical field helping to launch blockbuster products for men’s and women’s health. I just feel this is a natural progression of my career; good healthy sex relieves stress, releases endorphins, and increases blood flow. The bear is truly a couple’s toy, men and women both can cuddle it pre and post orgasm, can use him in various different positions-a woman can sit on his vibrating nose and tongue, she can hold it up to her guy’s genitals, etc.-and the fur is washable, the muzzle is made of high-grade TPE medical material.

And you have an honest-to-goodness porn star, as your spokes model.

Yes, Britney Amber of the infamous HBO Cathouse series, is a true doll.  She’ll be at our booth at AVN signing for three days. We are thrilled to have her aboard.

Now that you are in the ‘adult business’ having never been before, how do you find the people, business owners and talent both?

What I am finding is that there are very real people in this business. They are creative, honest, open to pretty much everything. But I feel that’s the way we should all be, avoid being uptight, don’t judge anyone, be open to anything different. It just makes life fun.

Get Teddy Love here:

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THE SEX FILES: And The Bears Have It…Interview with Wendy Adams of Teddy Love