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Published On: Fri, Dec 26th, 2014

Death From Above 1979: The Physical World

physicalDeath From Above 1979
The Physical World
(Last Gang)

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Death From Above 1979’s debut album, You’re a Woman, I’m a Machine, was a really cool and unique album that gained the band a pretty decent following. They didn’t become a massive success, but they got a lot of attention from many places. Shortly after, they broke up. This really disappointed their new fan base. Five years later, when they reunited, they were able to play much bigger venues and the sheer fact that they were playing at all was a big deal. If the whole thing was a business plan, it was brilliant.

Their latest album, The Physical World, would be considered a stellar sophomore album no matter when it was released. The fact that it marks their triumphant return only makes it that much more exciting. They haven’t messed with the basic formula too much. They’re still a hard rocking duo with fast beats and a bass sound that renders all other instruments unnecessary. There are some differences though, which are worth noting. Most of You’re a Woman, I’m a Machine was danceable, but these songs are made to move your feet and not just make you bang your head. There are choruses that pop out and can often be sung along with. Also, while DFA 1979 dabbled with synthesizers in the past, they feature far more prominently on The Physical World. This gives them added dimensions and complements the more complicated arrangements. While before I would have classified them as noise-rock or post-hardcore, I’d put them closer to dance punk bands like The Faint, Head Automatica, and Franz Ferdinand now.

Their last album closed with “Sexy Results,” which was far and away the funkiest track they had. It’s like they were trying to say,”Sure we’ve made a lot of noise, but that’s not all we are capable of.” This album ends with the title track and it’s the most punishing, heavy song of the lot. It’s like they’re saying, “We’ve come a long way, but don’t forget.”

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Death From Above 1979: The Physical World