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Published On: Tue, Dec 30th, 2014

Cold Blue Water: Cold Blue Water EP

cold blue waterCold Blue Water
Cold Blue Water EP

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California’s Cold Blue Water is led by the amazing ax man Andy Bs. Their self-produced five-song blues-jam-jazz-rock mash-up steered by Andy Bs’ wonderful electric blues leading, is a right-in-the-pocket masterstroke.
“Catfish Blooz” opens, a slow bluesy number, with big loud guitar, cool sly organ from Mike Finnigan and neat, nasty vocal. This is naughty, bluesy, ode-to-sex great stuff. It sets a slinky mood and shows off Finnigan’s thick organ with bassist Brad Cummings and drummer Ty Dennis locked and loaded.

“Da Doodle” pops. It’s pure country blues funk, with the horns (Don Hammerstedt’s trumpet especially) and of course Andy Bs making the whole concoction cook. This time it is Brian Swislow on an inspired B3 and subtle movements from Cummings that lift the instrumental to wild heights.

“So High” just wails, the band of Cummings, Finnigan (who takes some vocals here) and Dennis on drums allowing Andy Bs to show off what could be his best lead of all these tunes…some clean, some pull off, lots of wailing.

“Led Boots” has the help of the horns again, but this is a heavy-footed workout for Dennis, with moments from Andy Bs (once again), just totally unexpected plucks from Cummings and a real jazzy middle that features Dennis soloing under Keith McKelley’s tenor sax lead. Andy B’s takes it for a bit then the horns and band (with Dennis by now on fire) just take it home…wow!

“Blue Rain” feels like Allman Brothers territory to me with sly organ from Swislow, Dennis again showing his prowess, a walking bass from Pedro Arevalo and second guitar from Duane Betts. What a way to end a great great album!

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Cold Blue Water: Cold Blue Water EP