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Published On: Fri, Jan 9th, 2015

Lovesucker: Lovesucker EP

Lovesucker EP

Lovesucker consists of vocalist Crystal Crosby and musician by Zoltan Von Bury and, from the start, I was pulled into their new self-titled EP.

The heavy stomping groove of opening tune “Mississippi” (also their lead-off single) showcases a solid production, singable chorus and Crosby’s earthy, could-be nasty vocals. The lyrics aren’t to-die-for here and we don’t really get beyond the stuck-in-the-cotton-field groove, but it is damn infectious and fun. For me, the switches in the dynamic second tune, “Show Me,” fares a bit better (though I like both tunes for sure) and here we get Von Bury’s smart few, but effective guitar slices.

“Don’t You Leave Me Now” is another tune built on a heavy groove, but there is a doubling to Crosby’s voice and again Von Bury is picking his guitar expressions fine, especially in the riff roiling bridge. I love how he takes things down perfectly here with Crosby getting all sexy aching for what she desires.

“Guns and Gasoline” presents what I feel is best groove; there’s a slow laid-back snare, running guitar riff in the verses and a cool “waka-wak” to the chorus. Here we finally get a lyric that I feel is worthy of these two…or at least Crosby communicating, though in all fairness, with a voice this distinctive sometimes it takes a few listens to get beyond the style and colors and into the heart of things.

Lovesucker has the meat to get your teeth into. This is a duo to watch…and a EP to listen to.

You can listen to the EP here.

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Lovesucker: Lovesucker EP