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Published On: Mon, Jan 19th, 2015

Röyksopp: The Inevitable End

The Inevitable End

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The Inevitable End, from electronic giants Röyksopp, is decorated in often sullen yet romantic odes of pillowy sounds and lyrics. The maniacal jaunt of “Skulls” feels like a nightmarish journey. The heavy-hitting low end mechanics blast the listener into a world inundated by darkness and defeat. The netherworld groove and haunting vocals add a coarse push of metallic melodrama. Slated as the final album from Röyksopp, the moody ambience bleeds through each track, but the higher emotional state lies within the way the album works each sliver of melody and harmony against the inevitable, like on the brighter feel of “Sordid Affair.” On “Monument,” vocals by singer Robyn add a nice, refreshing beauty to an edgy, crystallized, rigid bass push. The remorseful ballad of “You Know I Have To Go” is shrouded in flatter synthesized movements that yet breathe life into an end. The slow, crawling feel of “Here She Comes Again” sounds so fully sensual and brings a heat that would thrive in a club full of people who need an excuse to dance close.

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Röyksopp: The Inevitable End