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Published On: Mon, Feb 2nd, 2015

Attik Door: Never In Agreement

attik doorAttik Door
Never In Agreement

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The guitar-slicing, big-beat “Posers” starts off Attik Door’s Never In Agreement, with the second song “Bleed” even louder from the double guitar attack of Alex Shrayber and Tim Shulepov. Though there is a Faith No More-like weak rap to the verses, the choruses here rock in full commercial heavy territory showing off Liana Toymasyan’s growl.

Things slow down (at least for the verses) on the jangly “California,” where we get to hear Igor Boyko’s way around a quieter beat and Shulepov and Shrayber laying down some nice background for Toymasyan’s softer vocalizing. Shrayber gets in a nice lead here before he starts wailing for no reason. Things don’t always have to get so heavy for a band to prove that they are indeed a heavy band, do they?

Though I do like the heavy roil of “Cyber World,” there is a good use of the triple guitars, which Attik Door uses well. Tonymasyan takes to this one with some nasty aplomb in her voice as she trots out a lyric that could be trite if not handled this well. Even the predictable wailing lead here is followed by some solid instrumental musings that lift the tune.

“Moody” and “No Time” end this collection of ten. Moody is very No Doubt sounding, real pop here, with a good mix of harmony vocals with Toymasyan actually sounding cute, even singing these biting lyrics. This might be my favorite tune here, as the band is not taking itself so seriously.

“No Time” again sees a slowdown of guitars, some nice picking and single-note lead work opening (it would have made a good instrumental). The choruses do rock really big with strong harmony vocals. It’s a good ender to a decent record.

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Attik Door: Never In Agreement