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Published On: Thu, Feb 5th, 2015

THE SEX FILES: We talk with model and adult performer Danielle Reid

Danielle ReidDanielle Reid is a model/performer adult star living in Arkansas. The pretty lady began her freelance glamour and nude modeling in 2011, working with various talented photographers and traveling to all the great big cities in the U.S. for her work. Slowly Danielle added fetish and more generally erotic content to her shoots and lucky for us all, in March of last year, she branched into adult films (here’s a link to one of her latest). Even though Danielle plans to stay with the adult and modeling business for as long as possible (see below where to find her on the net and also at her new site) she does admit to a backup plan for getting her degree in Mass Media Productions and Film. The Sex Files had a chance to sit down and learn all about Ms. Reid in her ongoing quest to bring us deeper into her embrace.

You seem to like to perform in all kinds of scenes, pose in various styles and scenarios-and are very good in all of them-but do you have a specific kind of adult work that you favor above all else?

I like most of the adult work but I think my favorite is the non-scripted boy/girl shoots; pretty much where the director just says “Go for it.” It allows the male talent and me to actually get down and give a more believable scene.

Is there any kind of scenes you wouldn’t do?

While I do enjoy kink and fetish (a lot) I’d say no to true humiliation and degradation scenes. Certainly I’d work for’s “Public Disgrace,” or anything they put out really-they know how to shoot and present that kind of material in a professional, safe manner-but generally this is a type of fetish/kink I am not really into.

Adult stars might be more ‘exposed’ than most-certainly your movies are downloaded, often times illegally surely, and it’s in your best interest to have your picture seen as much as possible-still, do you ever worry about overexposure via the net, tweets, instagram, etc?

I try not to spam people with pictures of my food or anything (she laughs). I send out flirty Tweets or update my status if I haven’t in a while. I also post pictures of me on set (with full permission of course) or if I’m traveling I post photos of sights around me. But that’s the extent of it really.

How has the biz changed, good or bad, for you in the last few years?

I ran into some bad apples but nothing I couldn’t handle. It has made me more aware of myself and how I look in the eyes of others in this business. I have to be careful and not say too much negative things.

Tell us what you have coming up for the immediate future.

As of now, I plan to get more travel in. I will be in Las Vegas February 6th-13th, attending Fetish Con in August, and EXXXOTICA in the summer also. I also launched a new site at where I am planning to add even more content…very soon.

Besides the links above, you can also find Danielle Reid below (and I suggest you do) here: and here


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THE SEX FILES: We talk with model and adult performer Danielle Reid