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Published On: Fri, Feb 6th, 2015

The Torn Images: Reviver

torn imagesThe Torn Images

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We finally get a full release, this new album Reviver, after two critically acclaimed EP’s from California’s alternative/indie rock project The Torn Images. Brainchild of vocalist/guitarist and songwriter Briand Arabaca, this collection of ten begins with “The Drifting,” a big power chord, lazy drum rocker with Arabaca’s nah-nah teasing-like vocals, rolling right into the big, overdriven “Mantle of Disguise.”

“Life On a Standstill” is softer, featuring, as all these tunes do, the tasteful drumming of Tyler De Young. We get a well-executed, expressive vocal from Arabaca in an almost talking deliver on this sweet song about acquiescence.

I love the melody, backing vocals and overall production of “Aimless Breath.” The haunting verses counter the loud Psychedelic Furs-sounding harmony vocals of the chorus, perfectly creating quite a commercial offering. Again we get talking vocals over an echo plucked guitar just aching for the staccato, simple driven guitar chorus we know is coming on “Never Be the Same Again,” another song about days post lost love.

A decidedly tribal tom beat informs “The Elusive Vagabond” with loud guitar strikes and Arabaca back to his taunting-like vocal, he’s very effective when he is attacking the subject of his tunes. For what it’s worth, I hear an Iggy Pop influence here. And “World of Meaning” starts with a solid acoustic guitar (where I wish it would have stayed) into the usual full overdrive guitar and snapping beat, not Arabaca’s best lyric, but it’s a good mover to end the album and features his first real lead.

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The Torn Images: Reviver