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Published On: Thu, Feb 12th, 2015

THE SEX FILES: Steve Thomson of Lelo discusses the new SIRI 2.

Siri 2Smart, small, powerful, (but surprisingly light for the wallop it delivers) The SIRI™ 2 “upgrade” of Lelo’s original SIRI is a wonder to behold…and hold. With a new motor, 8 new non-sound musical stimulation patterns, 100% waterproof functionality-and most interestingly for this new model-a setting where the vibrations of the unit are controlled by outside sound, woman/man/couple couldn’t ask for a better adult product. This smart little model is known to be used in actual vocal cord training (as well as for other parts of the body due south) and with controls that can run from soft and pulsating, to wildly kinetic or switching the thing to where outside music or a lover’s voice can trigger what the elongated two- toned egg can get into while it is onto you, Lelo has once again delivered here. Lelo’s Head of Marketing, Steve Thomson spoke with THE SEX FILES about all the wonderful wildness that is the The SIRI™ 2.

The SIRI™ 2 is an upgrade of the original SIRI, most notably with a setting where the vibrations of the unit can be controlled by outside sound…how/why/when did you come-up with this unique feature?

The original SIRI is one of our most popular vibrators among all types of customers, but we were truly inspired by Prof. David Ley Demos of the University of Alberta. As a vocal coach, he found that the SIRI was an invaluable tool for training the vocal cords for singing or speech. We decided to pursue this idea and take it to its logical conclusion; if SIRI can help you control your voice, why not let your voice control SIRI 2?

How, exactly, does the unit pick up sounds and how are they ‘translated?’

We installed a small microphone and tuned it to detect and respond to just the right level of sound: every time it picks up a noise within the right level of volume it vibrates accordingly.  It’s fairly sensitive, so this allows you to experiment with different sensations and pulsations according to the sounds around you, whether it’s blasting your favorite song or having your partner’s voice cause the vibrations.

Explain the voice –“training concept,” which the first SIRI became known for.

The precision point of the SIRI 2’s vibrations can be used on the vocal cords to help relax and tone them, and can also be used to help ‘cue’ a singer or actor’s voice to achieve different effects. For example, placing the vibrator on the back of the neck can help the vocalist ’round’ out their sound, or when placed under the chin, can help achieve a different accent by vibrating a particular part of the mouth.

Do you think vibrators, whether this new SIRI 2 or the ubiquitous Rabbit, will always remain the most popular of all adult pleasure products?

We definitely don’t see external vibrators going out of style any time soon. While more and more we find women more comfortable experimenting with G-spot stimulation, most women first start exploring self-pleasure through clitoral stimulation, and often find most success in reaching orgasm through it as well.  Handheld vibrators such as SIRI 2 are also very easily introduced into partnered play, which more and more couples are comfortable engaging it.

In just the few short years I have been writing this column I have seen many big ideas in adult ‘entertainment’ or products explode with a flash only to be extinguished quickly. What keeps Lelo in the game as long as they have been?

I think part of the enduring appeal of LeLo is that we stay true to our original core tenants. Our pleasure products are always incredibly beautiful and luxurious, made of safe, durable materials, and follow simple design principles that put pleasure first over gimmicks.

Admitting that social media is a mainstay of how we all do business these days, still do you see any negatives from the Internet in your business?

The Internet has definitely done a lot of good for the industry, both as a means of making sex toys available for people who don’t have access to physical stores, and creating safe places for people to discuss and review sex toys online. One of the only major negatives we see is the prevalence of fake products being sold on websites like Amazon. When you’re not buying an item from an authorized dealer, there’s really no way of knowing for sure if you’re getting the real deal, and when so many nasty chemicals can show up in these intimate items, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

What else can we expect from Lelo in the foreseeable future?

While there has been a surge in interest with kinkier products in the last few years (due to 50 Shades, no doubt) we have had more and more interest in products for couples to use together. We are excited for the opportunity to further develop products designed to bring couples closer, as we think the ability to talk about sexual pleasure and intimacy openly, truly benefits the communication in relationships overall.

For more information, check-out the new SIRI™ 2 here:

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THE SEX FILES: Steve Thomson of Lelo discusses the new SIRI 2.