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Published On: Thu, Feb 19th, 2015

832: The RAP-ture

The RAP-ture
(Beats Demand Lyrics)

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The Oklahoma City-based brother duo of 832 mix rap, hip hop, and spoken word. The duo won the 6th Annual Street Music Award for “Best Duo or Group” in 2013.

“The Prayer” opens with rain effects and a snippet from “You Keep Me Hanging On” as it rolls into a soft, stark, short rap, then we get the low metallic roil of “Under the Ground” and clear vocals handling some very stark lyric concepts.

“Burn feat Juju” features a horror soundtrack keys opening into a snapping beat with a good mélange of vocals. It is evident even early on in this collection of 16 tunes that 832 can sing as well as arrange solid music backing to their raps. “War feat Juju” sees more low, scary sounds with the piano under the beats filling out the first great song here.

Violin sounds, the warbling of Aisha Eustache, harmony vocals and sweet floating electric piano make
“Babylon Kids” a pretty perfect, lightly sung rap ballad. “Psycho Woman” is a heavy stomp-of-a-rap about a…well…the lady of the tile. I love the rap here; it’s wacky and over-the-top about a man suffering at the hand/mind of a crazy lady. “The Crown feat Wilson the IV” grabs use of lots of 70’s sounds sweeping synths and high female backing synth voices. But the end, “Skyline feat Tone P” is a much better song, another great one here with toms and percussion, solid melody lines and a groove.

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832: The RAP-ture