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Published On: Thu, Feb 26th, 2015

Sir Cadian Rhythm: Sir Cadian Rhythm

Sir Cadian RhythmSir Cadian Rhythm
Sir Cadian Rhythm

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The new, self-titled EP from Long Island alternative rock/jazz/pop quintet Sir Cadian Rhythm is groovy stuff. Opening with Sir Alex Laudani’s wacky-wack guitar groove, popping bass of Sir Richard Cluxton and Sir Jack Weppler’s sweeping, strong vocals on “Flood of XIV,” it’s quite apparent this quintet have things well in hand.

“Holly’s On Fire” mines swing (Cluxton running all over) and horns punctuating Weppler’s blisteringly fast delivery, with an infectious chorus that showcases all the great stuff that drummer Sir Keith Miller is about. “Ouroboros” has the first real use of Sir Matthew’s Carlin’s piano. The song picks a mid-tempo with dark choruses, some wild drumming from Miller on the chorus and what I feel is the best playing from Laundani so far.

Cluxton and Miller drive the man-led-by-his-woman “Run Around Town.” God, there really is so much color here, so many different moods and sounds, even in one song, from lilting guitar backing, quick drums and bass to a wildly fun chorus and a Miller semi-solo with his snare at the end!

“Villian Fear” ends the EP, with Laundani plucking the beat on an acoustic and Weppler singing the softest he does. By the time the rest of the band sneaks in (Carlin is especially effective with his piano and keys replicating violin), we are in tight ballad territory…then the guys mix in horns! Again another unexpected brew-of-a-tune, with acoustic and horns taking us out in grand style.


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Sir Cadian Rhythm: Sir Cadian Rhythm