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Published On: Mon, Mar 9th, 2015

Vince Grant: My Depression Is Always Trying to Kill Me

vince gVince Grant
My Depression Is Always Trying to Kill Me

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Vince Grant says, “Drugs, alcohol, depression, they took me out,” but the singer/songwriter is decidedly back “in” after a successful recovery with this new, five-song EP, My Depression Is Always Trying to Kill Me.

The almost holy “Melancholia” opens, setting us off on Grant’s distinct worldview and honest voice. Drummer Keith Larsen is especially effective with his tom work here in a song about some things leaving, but something pretty much always remaining. It’s a haunting, solid opener. “Edge of the World” has Grant’s flat, thick, acoustic set against some sweet, way-back-in-the-mix, single-note keys and Doug Grean’s electric picking. Then, all opens subtly into what I feel is the most restrained production here with a great layering of sonic touches. Grant truly does sound sorry here as he barely croaks out the lyrics. “How Many Times You” has great, over-driven electric guitar and boppy bass from Grean while Grant cuts his lyrics in little snippets echoey, around the big roiling atmosphere. There’s a good, singable chorus here in an early U2-like vibe from Grean’s distinctive noodling. I especially like how Grant’s acoustic sneaks in on the second verse. “Sweet Addiction” is pretty much the big band locking in tight with Grant in what might be his second best vocal here. I like how the band opens into true flangy territory around him, tickles with sounds high and strong on this last song of the EP.

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Vince Grant: My Depression Is Always Trying to Kill Me