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Published On: Tue, Mar 10th, 2015

Winchester Revival: Burden’s Landing

winchesterWinchester Revival
Burden’s Landing
(King of Sticks)

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A slunky beat with picked, jangly guitars and expressive, almost talking bass playing from Ron Cruz sets a floaty, undercurrent of danger on “Last Night in Tokyo.” By the time we get to the trilling, double-timed chorus drive, the harmony vocals, we are deep in a thick tapestry of sound and thrilling production. What an opener to Winchester Revival’s new EP Burden’s Landing. This Oakland indie consists of singer/lyricist David Rosenheim, guitarist Andrew Lund (who also sings backing vocal), the aforementioned stellar Ron Cruz on bass, Kirk Snedeker playing drums, Matt Glick on electronics (whatever this means exactly), and Amanda Guilbeaux guests on backing vocals.

“Diligence” sees Snedeker and Cruz locked in a U2-like groove and Glick overlaying his electronics for a stuttering opening; it blips and slips with Rosenheim rolling over the top with his strong singing about the pressures of the week and the relief of the weekend hanging with your love. Guilbeaux subtly lays her voice over in perfectly placed spots. “Keep It Together” is really mostly a swirly electronic collage with the title sung a few times in an echo refrain. It reminds me of those U2 moments on albums like The Unforgettable Fire or The Joshua Tree, more song poem then song. “Ice Water” ends with a jumpy Snedeker snare, some very cool tom work in the chorus) and Lund keeping up the picking electric guitar, Cruz driving and Rosenheim infusing desperation in his delivery.


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Winchester Revival: Burden’s Landing