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Published On: Thu, Mar 12th, 2015

Jazmine Sullivan: Reality Show

jazmineJazmine Sullivan
Reality Show

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What can I say? Jazmine Sullivan has a incredible voice and is an amazing talent. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t always a fan of her as a writer. I love songs about pain, but often I felt like there was never a resolve.  I wanted to see her happier, livelier. I don’t know if it was art imitating life, but I wanted more from her. Reality Show is everything I needed and more. The writing is impeccable, clever and empathetic to people often judge those who star in reality TV. It’s playful, but full of substance. “Mascara” is a ode to women who approach life from a more superficial principle, but also leaves you having a respectful and more open-minded perspective. “Brand New” is for true R&B fans and melodically takes you for a ride. It explains the scorn of a woman left by a man due to his newly found success. “If You Dare” is a pop treat and unexpected, which is why it works so well on the project. “Silver Lining” is a song for everyone; it’s classic Jazmine, but the cheerier version that I do adore. One of my absolute faves is “Masterpiece,” which definitely should go down in history as a classic record; it’s vulnerable and exposes her issues with self-esteem. “Dumb” (ft Meek Mill) is for hip hop fans. The rest of the album, you’ll either love or at least still play through. It’s the side of her I’ve waited for and it was well worth the wait. It’s real music – yes it still does exist.


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Jazmine Sullivan: Reality Show