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Published On: Thu, Mar 12th, 2015

THE SEX FILES: West Coast Calling

Sex filesOnce again I had the privilege of getting my sick-of-the-snow butt out to warmer climes, notably Las Vegas and San Francisco, on some personal professional business that, of course, had to do with sex. So here is my report of what I saw and did that dove tails perfectly with my usual reporting here at The Sex Files.

To be sure, setting down in Las Vegas on Friday Feb. 27th in 60 + degree weather at McCarran airport was a joy. I dropped my bags at the Riviera Hotel (the very place they used as the casino location in the film Casino and which will be taken down come this May) and headed over to the Erotic Heritage Museum not a mere stone’s throw behind Trump’s towering artifice for a personal tour from the EHM’s director Dr. Victoria Hartmann, PH.D.

I will be doing a complete and separate piece on Dr. Hartmann and the EHM in the near future, but for here and now let me just declare that place, as well as the director, were a delight. Dr. Hartmann is a passionate non-stuffy academic with a wild twinkle in her eye, the very embodiment of the ‘sex positive’ scholar/teacher/business lady so proud of the expansive museum with its countless super cool, often very historical exhibits and one-of-a-kind pieces (the picture included above is of their penis made of pennies.) It was a thrill to be escorted through the two floors of sculpture, fine art exhibits (one of which, “Vintage Vibrators/Babeland Collection” by two New York-based artists, Constance & Eric I will also expound on in a later column) toys, video displays and so much more with such a genial and informed host. I cannot recommend the Erotic Heritage Museum enough.

Find info for it here:

Again, more on this wonderful place, and the equally wonderful Dr. Hartmann, in the near future.

The next day saw my partner-in-perversity, author extraordinaire M. Christian and I present three daytime classes at the “Sin In The City” convention (which I reported on here). To see kinky convention revelers waking-up for our first class at 9am was a surprise, but Chris and I soon learned the participatory nature of what we were presenting, with the audience as much giving as taking, which truly energized us to a level we couldn’t have ever expected.

I couldn’t get enough of the people of Sin In The City, staff and attendees both. Time and again I have found (and certainly in spades at this convention) the nicest people attend kink conventions.

Sunday I jetted off to San Francisco for even more ridiculous weather (by the end of the week the thermometer was hovering around 73-74 degrees with completely blue skies!) and a meet-and-greet with Chris at the infamous Wicked Grounds coffee shop then for us to give a class at one of San Francisco’s most notorious play spaces The Citadel, then another class as the Center For Sex and Culture, then a reading there with a slew of other authors on Saturday night…the first time I have ever given a reading actually.

The trip couldn’t have gone any better, really. Again, I will get into details in the next month or so, but for now I wanted to tell you where I was this past week, out from under the snow and show you, that as always, even when I am not writing this column, I am working for us all blazing ever onward for sex.

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THE SEX FILES: West Coast Calling