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Published On: Fri, Mar 13th, 2015

Blending East and West Coast Fashions

Blending East and West Coast FashionsIt’s been a particularly harsh winter, but spring is finally underway. In terms of fashion, this means finally ditching all those layers for something simple and inspired by the West Coast. Fashion is all about environment, and when the sun warms up the earth, a little bit of Los Angeles finds its way to New York City.

Women are Encouraged to Embrace the Sun

It’s sunny in California, hence its nickname: The Golden State. This year, runways proved gold is the new black, when shades of yellow dominated the catwalk. Top designers, such as Rosie Assoulin and Michael Kors, embraced the beauty of the sun and unveiled eye-catching designs in different yellow hues.

In spring, women should consider tailored mini-dresses in varying shades of yellow, as well as yellow raincoats and floor-length gowns. With summer right around the corner, women are encouraged to purchase some cute off-shoulder tops and wide-strap tank tops in lemonade shades.

Although yellow is the “it” color this season, it’s important not to overdo it. For example, do not pair yellow tailored shorts with a yellow top – that’s too much yellow! Instead, opt for a white top. White matches yellow perfectly, and it doesn’t steal from the attention the sunshiny color should be receiving.

Get Preppy; Get Relaxed

This year’s biggest fashion trend is a return to NYC prep, but the twist is how newly laid-back this style is. West Coast prep clothing is defined by its ability to be preppy but also relaxed and fun. For men and women, this trend is defined by blending preppy items, such as polo shirts and sophisticated button-ups, with laid-back items, such as jean shorts and ball caps.

Nothing is going to get you in the mood for summer more than shopping for polo shirts, jean short-shorts, and boat shoes. Relaxed prep, or West Coast prep, epitomizes perfect weather, and it’s made lightweight to wear comfortably on hot days. Best of all: these timeless items have staying power, so you can expect to wear them season after season without ever feeling out-of-style.

The Best of Both Worlds

The East Coast is decidedly chic in terms of fashion. There is a lot less tradition on the runway, according to J. Crew creative director, Jenna Lyons. She’s lived on both coasts, and her first-hand experience has taught her that both styles have their merits, but New Yorkers have a more “individualistic glamour.”

Fashion is taken more seriously in NYC than in other places, which has allowed it to evolve in many ways. Some things seem constant, such as polished looks and simple patterns. In the Big Apple, it seems sophistication never goes out of style. (Neither does layering because it’s so cold!)

On the West Coast, fashion is most often inspired by what neighborhood you reside in. Marcy Roth, a fashion industry expert, told that style is all about where you’re living. “Santa Monica has a different look than West Hollywood and Silver Lake, for example.”

Despite these differences between neighborhoods, Roth confirms that “California cool” does define the entire West Coast. The style is laid back and relaxed, but with undertones of confidence. It’s effortlessly cool, and inspired by comfort.

East and West Coast fashions are decidedly different, but blending them can have amazing results. Try to build a wardrobe that embraces the best of both worlds. Try mixing patterns and colors, and don’t be afraid to pair a preppy top with a pair of casual jeans. The best way to determine if an East/West blend will work, is to try the pieces on together – before purchasing.

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Blending East and West Coast Fashions