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Published On: Mon, Mar 16th, 2015

Murder By Death: Big Dark Love

murder by deathMurder By Death
Big Dark Love
(Bloodshot Records)

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Big Dark Love is the perfect title for the seventh LP. Though the band has never sounded as sinister as their name would indicate, vocalist Adam Turla’s delivery has an edge of intensity that suits this collection of unconventional love songs.

“Let me in!” Turla insists during the title track, his mounting rage augmented by electronic flourishes as he captures the addiction of desire. The subdued “Dream in Red” depicts a dark scene by a river, but distorted vocals combined with violin and feedback give the song a hallucinatory quality. “Natural Pearl” is a surprising alt country ode to a child and provides a welcome break from some of the more morbid imagery on the record.

Murder By Death are known for their combination of indie rock with tinges of country and Americana, but Big Dark Love shows an expanded arsenal with electronic tinges and pop sensibility. This record captures the hope and pain of love and how these feelings can exist at the same time. This is a beautiful listen that will get you tapping your feet.

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Murder By Death: Big Dark Love