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Published On: Mon, Mar 23rd, 2015

Ne-Yo: Non Fiction


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No one loves stories, whether it’s fiction or non-fiction, more than I do. And if music is the way the writer conveys it, consider me one VERY happy woman. That’s the kind of treat you’re going to get from Ne-Yo’s newest album, Non-Fiction. His introduction gives you the basis for his work. This is an album of fiction, but it’s based on non-fiction.

“Integrity” might be one of my absolute favorites from Non-Fiction. Ne-Yo’s voice has a Marvin Gaye feel that will give you goose bumps while (seriously) leaving you wanting more. It’s a great track that I’m sure you will want to hear again and again.

Of course “Time of Our Lives,” featuring Pitbull, is the break-out hit. Great rhythm and a great merger of Ne-Yo’s voice and Mr. Worldwide’s hip-hop and Latin swagger. It’s the song that we all will have on repeat on our iPhones while we’re on our subway riding to work in the morning.

Besides the music and his great voice, there’s something about Ne-Yo that always makes the girls swoon. You may be wondering what that is. Well the reason is, he respects women in every way shape and form, but he also knows just how to be sexy and playful. Pay attention men, because that’s a turn-on for us all. And ladies, if you haven’t already fallen for Ne-Yo’s hypnotic and SEXY voice, “One More” will change your mind. Trust me! Of course, there are the many sexy songs as well.

I would describe Non-Fiction exactly the way Ne-Yo described it. It really is storytelling, but it’s also great music that will make you move. Its great dance music and great story telling. What more can you ask for?

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Ne-Yo: Non Fiction