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Published On: Mon, Apr 27th, 2015

Big Sean: Dark Sky Paradise

big seanBig Sean
Dark Sky Paradise
(Getting Out Our Dreams, Inc.)

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There are artists that you love and then there are artists that you like. To be really honest, Big Sean was a “like” kind of artist. I mean I would listen, two step, maybe even sing along to the chorus, but not really listen. I decided that that had to end. If I considered myself a music lover I had to listen and not just hear his music. After listening, I feel mad at myself for not paying attention sooner. I mean if Kanye could see the potential, I surely should have been the wiser. He packs a bunch of wordplay and hidden gems along the journey of Dark Sky Paradise that its an ear treat.

As my regular routine I always list my faves; “Blessings” (featuring Drake) explains how success can breed opposition, but its still a beautiful thing to live your dream. Big Sean has a knack for knowing who will fit perfectly with his vision from concept, production and artist. “Win Some, Lose Some” (featuring Jhene Aiko) is perfectly composed to make you listen, while those gems I spoke of earlier fly from verse to verse. “One Man Can Change the World” (featuring John Legend) is inspirational and unexpected in a rap world full of turn-up and club bangers. It also features a clip from a father and son conversation that would motivate any artist in music. “I Don’t Fuck With You” is and can be harsh to say, but in a world of no filters and straight shooters, it seems appropriate and also a great break-up record. It’ll definitely make its rounds in clubs worldwide.  “Play No Games” is a cool song too, and it features Chris Brown while using a sample of Aaron Hall (legendary R&B singer) as well. “All Your Fault” (featuring Kanye West) is suited best as organic, “good music” sound. It has a new age hip hop sound, to me at least. “Deep” (featuring Lil Wayne) is for true rap lovers and is full of word play and metaphors for lovers of words. It has an eclectic sound and makes me optimistic for the future. There are times to motivate, inspire, and talk as much smack as you want when you’re a young rapper carving out his own mark, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Don’t overlook him like I did.

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Big Sean: Dark Sky Paradise