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Published On: Tue, May 5th, 2015

Nic Nassuet: Eleutherios

nicNic Nassuet

Nic Nassuet and Catrina Grimm make up the permanent band members on Nassuet’s new 10-song album, Eleutherios. Employing acoustic instruments (cello, violin and acoustic guitar), Nassuet’s darker read on life is certainly dramatic and colorfully produced.

“Cross and Crown” opens, a slow strummer showcasing Nassuet’s clear-as-a-bell distinctive, soft, low vocal (until he gets more passionate and screams slightly) with Grimm’s backing vocal and a violin countering. “Down” chunks along with a full band read, again violin leading, but here we get Cat Arthur’s bass and Josh Riccio percussion on a dramatic acoustic funk vibe. “The Giver” is truly pretty, with Nassuet employing what I feel is the very effective lower end of his vocals, a sweetly plucked acoustic and strings. The lilting “ohhs” from Grimm make this for me the best tune on Eleutherios. We get a dangerous feeling on “Black Dress” with Nassuet growling over his staccato-strummed acoustic and violin once again leading; the choruses here are pretty damn commercial and singable even in such a spare production. “She Rides Moonlight” ends with a plucked opening, mixing with low cello it finds an odd beat, with once again Nassuet making great use of his lower range. The background vibe lifts slightly from Zep’s “The Battle Of Evermore,” but in fairness, you put high plucked strings with a female vocal making up most of a song and that’s where my mind goes. Still, it is a spectacular ender to what is pretty much a subtle little masterpiece of acoustic-based brilliance from Nic Nassuet and company.

You can listen to the album here.

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Nic Nassuet: Eleutherios