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Published On: Thu, May 7th, 2015

Tinashe: Amethyst


Tinashe, she is an innovator! Why you ask? Because she has managed to fuse R&B, pieces of hip hop, elements of trap with the smoothest, most ethereal vocal. Its a bit futuristic and sounds very international with its unique sound and production infused within the whole project. Tinashe had me under the belief since I first heard “2 On” that club music would be her lane. She also has a West Coast feel, but can still appeal to my eastern ears. I’m not a fan of every song on the seven-song project, but the few songs that don’t totally pull me in still are in flow with the project. “Wrong” has a nice vibe, the flows so melancholy it may take a listen or two or three to get in sync lyrically.”Wanderer” also puts me in a good space, but I get lost conceptually mid-song, but maybe that’s my self-diagnosed ADD. I have a personal love for spacey, drifty, flowy, poetically-executed songs; the beat says “trap,” but the words in “Dreams Are Real” say something so much stronger than the delivery.  I wanted to hear more melodically, but it seems that was the purpose of this album. It was an ongoing song, one big fusion of a vibe that felt good enough to stay in seven songs deep. I could like it or love it, but that is what true artists do, what feels good.

You can listen to the album here.

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Tinashe: Amethyst