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Published On: Mon, May 11th, 2015

Dsfečo: Watch It Sparkle

watch it sparkleDsfečo
Watch It Sparkle

Oakland, CA-based songwriter/multi-instrumentalist/singer, Dsfečo has been in the business since the late 60’s. Now in his late 60’s himself, he releases his debut solo, six-song EP, Watch It Sparkle.

The six-song mélange of programmed drums, wild guitars, fancy, chorused synth strings, and various double-tracked harmony vocals all commenting on where we are now is a heady mix to be sure. As Dsfečo says of the conceptual piece, “I think I’m going for some sort of poetic encounter within the hidden parts of our culture’s soul—but that could be pure presumption. All I know is, I’ve tried to be as honest as possible in putting what I see into these songs, as well as composing music that tries something a little different in its structure.”

From the semi-rap opening of “Not Again,” where Dsfečo is lamenting another day, to what for me is the brilliant (and short), satire, vocal-led “Civilization” to the wild, full run of the dramatic title track (and here we get Zappa-like moments of wacky vocals and even over-driven lead at the end) to the even longer “Conspiracy” (the longest song here) opening with its beautiful piano, guitar flights, echo vocals, swirling strings and plucky percussion to the almost buzzing bee call of “I’ll Be On Your Side” and the harp pluck of ender “Just Another Good Day,” which might as much be the hoped-for connection between protagonist and his love or a rumination on death, Dsfečo has lots to offer here.

You can listen to the album here.

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Dsfečo: Watch It Sparkle