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Published On: Thu, May 14th, 2015

Errors: Lease of Life

Errors Lease on LifeErrors
Lease of Life
(Rock Action Records)

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It’s easy to see why Mogwai signed Errors to their record label. Like their Scottish peers, Errors are largely instrumental and make beautiful, uplifting songs. Their fifth LP, Lease of Life, is a stunning piece of work. With tracks ranging from just under two minutes to over thirteen, it’s clear that the band has unleashed creativity.

While the songs work together as a majestic whole, there are some that stand out. The sprawling, energetic title track errs just on the right side of dance. “New Winged Fire” has a rich bassline and two vocal lines that create a claustrophobic effect. The keyboards on “Dull Care” sound dated, but an electronic beat and lovely guest vocals bring a modern twist.

Long songs are always a risky move, particularly when they come at the end of the album, but “Through the Knowledge of Those Who Observe Us” is the crowning achievement of Lease of Life. The music is still in the same vein as the rest of the record with bright, relaxed electro, but choral vocals lend the song a sense of space. Together, these elements make the run time pay off beautifully, leaving the record on a triumphant note.

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Errors: Lease of Life