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Published On: Fri, May 22nd, 2015

My Morning Jacket: The Waterfall

My Morning Jacket The Waterfall.jpgMy Morning Jacket
The Waterfall
(Capitol Records)

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My Morning Jacket’s new album, The Waterfall, can be described as classic rock and soul-pop with a twist of psychedelia and spirituality throughout. That’s the appeal of the Louisville quintet; from album to album, you never know what eclectic sounds and moods will be placed in your ears.

The Waterfall, the band’s seventh studio album, metaphorically compares life to a waterfall. Whether it’s lifting you towards positive happenings or getting you down one event after another, it’s up to you to make it better. Be it a relationship that’s run its course (the folky “Get the Point”) or a major turning point in your life (the stadium rock “Big Decisions”) or “It’s a thin line between lovin’ and wasting my time” (the buttery R&B “Thin Line”), it’s all up to you. Like it or not, The Waterfall has its ups and downs but that’s life, man.

Consisting of frontman/guitarist Jim James, My Morning Jacket also includes guitarist/saxophonist Carl Broemel, bassist Tom Blankenship, keyboardist Bo Koster and drummer Patrick Hallahan.

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My Morning Jacket: The Waterfall