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Published On: Mon, Jun 8th, 2015

Therapy?: Disquiet

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It’s possible that Therapy? is one of the greatest alternative/metal bands you’ve never heard about. The Northern Irish group has been putting out consistently rocking records for years. Their fourteenth LP of original material, Disquiet, shows no signs of the band slowing down or mellowing out, and that is a beautiful thing.

Therapy? combines heavy guitars with pounding drums and Andy Cairnes’ fantastic delivery, which can drop to a growl or lift to a surprisingly melodic shout. Despite metal’s association with chaos, Therapy? always sound like they’re utterly in control, no matter how fast the drums are or how loud the riffs.

“Helpless Still Lost” is a mission statement from these rock veterans, admitting their flaws even as they sound as tight as ever. “Trust us to fuck it all up/To fuck it all up when we get near the top,” Cairnes declares on “Idiot Cousin.” This lyrical frustration becomes more admirable when contrasted with how tight the three-piece sounds on every track, particularly the Joy Division-tinged “Insecurity” and the seven-minute slowburn, “Deathstimate.”

The one fault I can find with Disquiet is that the production isn’t what it should be. Once the volume kicks up, everything starts to bleed together rather than letting you experience the depth of the instruments. I want to feel like I’m at a rock show with bass vibrating my bones, but everything flattens out when it should be immersive. Disquiet is still a worthy record, but it’s not best experienced through headphones.

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Therapy?: Disquiet