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Published On: Wed, Jul 1st, 2015

Giorgio Moroder: Déjà Vu

gioGiorgio Moroder
Déjà Vu
(Giorgio Moroder Music LCC)

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If you knew him before he got a modern shot-in-the-robot-arm by Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories you’ll be thrilled Giorgio Moroder is back after 30 years with Déjà Vu. The man responsible for Donna Summer’s hits, too many 80’s soundtracks to name, and some say inventing disco is armed with his big arpeggiated keys and a full bag of synth and guitar tricks on this new 12-song collection. “4 U With Love” opens, a layered keys instrumental featuring that Moroder snap beat we all know well and a repeated melody phrase played by wood-sounding keys. The title track sees Sia singing what could be the commercial hit of the beginning of summer; one is quickly reminded of Donna Summer/Moroder hits with the soft keys bass and doubled-up harmonies in the chorus of this big dance track. Mining his old sounds for sure, “74 Is The New 24” has Moroder implementing metallic key sounds with a distorted spoken vocal declaration. The re-imaging of “Tom’s Diner” with Britney Spears singing over a thrumming beat (her vocals distorted as well) might be the most interesting offering as it bounces, bleats, sees Mordeor leading on keys, and even has a spoken extra part he offers. I prefer the softer key sounds and mixed with Marlene’s expressive, strong pipes, “I Do This For You” works as one of the better tunes here (though the lyric isn’t so great). Not surprisingly the tune “La Disco” ends. It has a high-layered camp of keys, piano, claps, single synth lines and great clean guitar flicking. This is probably my favorite tune here, as much for the weighty production as it reminds me of Moroder of old. It’s good to have Giorgio Moroder back.

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Giorgio Moroder: Déjà Vu