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Published On: Wed, Jul 8th, 2015

Bitter’s Kiss: Bitter’s Kiss

bitter kissBitter’s Kiss
Bitter’s Kiss

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Chloe Baker’s piano and howly vocals float over the stuttering back beat from Michael Baker on “Already Gone,” the opener of Bitter’s Kiss’ self-titled album. There is even a song called “Bitter’s Kiss” here, a sweet, mid-tempo ballad with cautionary lyrics. “Lovin’ Life” has echoey synth informing the beat. It’s one of the better tunes here belying Baker’s vocals and delivery with an ironic lyric. “No One Will” is a guitar-strummed, sad little tune that’s tricky in its lyrics as I can’t tell if Baker is being ironic again or simply relating a real story. It’s a clever little ditty actually, showing quite a bit of mature songwriting ability. “The Rope” features some finely played electric guitar and opens slowly, relating a story about someone, or a feeling, lost. It builds heavier than any of the other eight tunes here, but then has the good sense not to overstay its welcome. It’s another good indication of solid songwriting execution. The snare beat and wha wha of “Too Far Too Fast” (not a tune that goes anyplace, really) and “Waste Of It All” (unfortunately mining too much of the same electric guitar sound so it makes it hard to distinguish this tune from many of the others) ends the album. Get into all Chloe Baker and her band Bitter’s Kiss is about here. There are some fine moments and a true, determined sensibility to what she is doing.



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Bitter’s Kiss: Bitter’s Kiss