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Published On: Thu, Jul 16th, 2015

Nick de la Hoyde: Passion

passionNick de la Hoyde
(Gatcombe Music Pty Ltd)

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Nick de la Hoyde is a 20-year-old singer/songwriter/rapper from Sydney. His debut EP, Passion, opens with the echo keys and snapping snare of “Aces,” the rap chorus countering the lilting verses perfectly, showcasing Hoyde’s abilities at rapid word play delivery; the ending rap here especially sets a tough, poignant tone. It’s a tough, startling opener. “By My Side” moves with hand claps and piano backing and a commercial chorus layered with solid harmonies. The title track might be the most interesting track here. Hoyde raps at a fast, percussive rate over keys and a popping wood-block sound. Again, the chorus slides in with a strong lyric that builds the desperation. By the time the big drum hits come in during the second verse (and then cut out to build all over again), Hoyde is really singing and rapping at a full-out stop so the intensity of this title track really envelopes you. “No Consolation” is a rap and pop mix with a great, move-your-feet beat and Nick and his producer Lemoyne Alexander singing and rapping over some wild guitar especially at the end. The rap might overstay its welcome contrary to the good beat and strong melody line here. Still, this is a very strong ending to what is a very strong collection of tunes.

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Nick de la Hoyde: Passion