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Published On: Wed, Jul 22nd, 2015

Direct Divide: Own Your Ocean

direct divideDirect Divide
Own Your Ocean

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Razz, Valdemar Huguet and Kevin Proctor have a dramatic thing happening with their band, Direct Divide. The band’s new EP, Own Your Ocean, mines some heavy and dark territory from Razz’s strong voice and strings and Proctor’s guitar/synths to Huguet’s drumming. “1,000 Years,” the first single, plays to the big beat and Razz’s loud delivery. It’s has the expected commercial chorus and chanting, high backing vocals. There are better tunes than this though here. “Kick It” begins with a repeated piano phrase quickly flowing into Razz’s equally repeated violin riffing. The back beat stutters a bit, and the trio plays off the verses into a very strong chorus (with equally as strong vocals from Razz.) It’s a very effective opener with some great guitar and violin jamming work. (Is Razz a Kansas fan, I wonder?) “Renegade” has a plunky synth bass beat cutting through with a jumpy snare, making Razz jump as well. Again we get a strong chorus that is very loud, actually (this trio can rock, no doubt). Proctor sounds like a perfect, heavy rock guitarist here. It’s a joy when a band can provide this many colors, especially across the span of an EP! “Tide Is Rising” is a delightful, piano-led tune with Razz holding back a bit; we really don’t need her upfront wailing on every song and she proves here (at least on the verses) that she can show restraint. I like the full layering of sound and production coming from Direct Divide. You might like it too, so check it out.

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Direct Divide: Own Your Ocean