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Published On: Tue, Jul 28th, 2015

FILM: Listen To Me Marlon

Listen to Me MarlonMarlon Brando eerily narrates the new bio documentary about…himself in the new Listen To Me Marlon. Culled from over 300 hours of private audio tapes Brando made in his lifetime, with neat computer-generated animation of a floating Brando head starting off each chapter, this documentary by Stevan Riley tells the full tale of Brando’s life, with Brando narrating.

We learn about Marlon Brando’s childhood and stormy relationship with his mom, his bad boy reputation in his early stage/movie career as a lady’s man unmatched, his specific feelings at the many stages of his storied career. To hear Brando’s wry monologues about movies we revere so much, like On The Waterfront and Streetcar Names Desire to name a few, as much as his insight into acting on Broadway is really priceless. This was not a man known for sitting down and allowing himself to be interviewed, so to hear one of the greatest actors of all time expound without being prompted for the most part, is a gift really.

There is tragedy here too, what Marlon goes through with his kids, taking to living in Tahiti as his privacy becomes more and more invaded. But there is so much matter-of-fact honesty here and lots and lots of self-effacement, that one comes out of Listen To Me Marlon knowing this iconic figure all the better and feeling happy we have been given this rare glimpse into his private life.

Listen to Me Marlon is in select theaters nationwide on July 29, 2015.

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FILM: Listen To Me Marlon