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Published On: Thu, Aug 6th, 2015

THE SEX FILES: Summer Series ‘Up On The Rooftop’ at Vivid, Part 3. Vivid Cabaret NY gets Nominated for East Coast “Club of the Year” Award

Vivid AwardsSee, I told you I only hang out at the coolest spots. Blown-away as I was by their rooftop lounge (really what started this series I have been running this summer) I just recently came to find that the red hot spot in Midtown Manhattan, Vivid Cabaret New York had been nominated for the East Coast “Club of the Year” award by Exotic Dancer Publications.

A magazine/webportal like EDP knows a thing or two about which gentleman clubs are happening….and which one’s are not. Having served the adult night club industry for two decades, the reviewers who work for EDP have seen strip clubs come and go and have been reporting on the growth of the gentleman cabaret business these past twenty years. To be sure, maintaining a club like Vivid Cabaret New York or its sister club, the world famous Rick’s Cabaret NYC, not a mere four blocks from Vivid Cabaret New York is no easy feat, especially in a city like Manhattan. But the nominated club located at 1 W 37th St has been teaming with anybody who is anyone in the year and a half it has been open.

As Vivid Cabaret NYC Girl Victoria revealed: “We get so many cool people hanging out here — porn stars, athletes, and all kinds of high rollers. The club is already famous around the world, and I’m so proud to be a part of it.”

I could, have and will expound on the great features of this club (not just its rooftop) but to be recognized for an award like this, is really a feather in the G-string for Vivid Cabaret New York and all the people who work hard to make the place run as well as it does.

“I’m so thrilled about the nomination,” Vivid Cabaret New York girl Alexis added. “I hope my pole tricks helped. The crowd goes crazy, especially when I climb 26 feet all the way to the top. You should see how they make it rain on me when I slide down.”

I have seen that unique pole she speaks of and have gotten wet in that rain (ok, maybe not exactly trickled down with dollars, but I have been close enough to sit there amazed when it happens.)

Surely I’ll have more coming for this summer series (Jesus, do you believe we are already in the 2nd week of August, where did the time go?!) but for now, I’m sending a hearty congrats to Vivid Cabaret New York, and a thank you to Alexis and Victoria for taking the time to give us their thoughts.

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THE SEX FILES: Summer Series ‘Up On The Rooftop’ at Vivid, Part 3. Vivid Cabaret NY gets Nominated for East Coast “Club of the Year” Award