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Published On: Fri, Aug 14th, 2015

Sperry Alan: Before Our Time

sperrySpery Alan
Before Our Time

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Nova Scotian alt-rocker Sperry Alan’s new album, Before Our Time, certainly shows off the man’s punk/folk sensibilities. Opening with the sloppy, aggressive electric guitar rhythm of “Hold On Tight” into a hesitant piano-backed “Made of Mistakes I Am,” it’s evident even from these first two tracks that Alan’s playing and unique, pitchy vocals pack emotional wallop.“Give Me a Warning” has an odd staccato step beat to it and trinkling guitar. It’s a laconic worldview delivered with some doubled vocals by Alan and ends perfectly not more then a mere minute and a few seconds in. “As I Get Older” is another roiling piano lament, with a weird synth line and chanting backing call-and-response; again it’s another snippet of a tune. Alan at least knows when not to overstay his welcome with an idea. With “Rock & Roll Life” we’re back to distorted guitar chords; this is a fun one with backing vocal popping the words “rock and roll” and a snappy snare beat. “I’ve Got It All” pretty much mines Lou Reed/Iggy Pop territory with the same kind of guitar playing. The jangly (again we are back to deliberate, sloppy guitar playing) “Pig” ends (and yes, once again Alan shows his Lou Reed here) with what amounts to not much more than a few guitar flicks and slicing, then the song is done. The tune might have progressed into something interesting… but, oh well.


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Sperry Alan: Before Our Time