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Published On: Wed, Aug 19th, 2015

The Liquorsmiths: This Book Belongs To

liquorsmithsThe Liquorsmiths
This Book Belongs To
(Inhesion Records)

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A slinky beat of stuttering snare by Clayton Payne, Ryan Fischer fitting his electric piano in and under Drew Thams’ slightly nasally, wry delivery… welcome to “Coy With Me,” the opening tune on The Liquorsmiths’ new 6-song EP, This Book Belongs To. “Get Well Soon” pops straight ahead with quick strumming and train-like snare in this odd little love song. What I didn’t notice until this second song is that there seems to be no bass here — very subtly done, boys! The jangle works in this band’s favor, as they do manage a nice layered thang even though it’s all acoustic guitars, Tham’s high-edged vocals, keys, drums and percussion. “Iris’ Song” slows things down a bit, with a pretty mix of keys and acoustic; Tham comes across poignant and sexy at the same time here (no small feat to be sure). “Thief” issues forth both harmony vocals, inventive rim-shots and atmospheric keys (at least in the verses), then things chunk into the heaviest The Liquorsmiths get (you have to check out what Fischer manages on the electric piano in the heavier part especially). These guys know not to overstay their welcome in a tune. “Day By Day,”  the last tune, presents a flicky, flumpy guitar and a talking vocal from Thams, and again that light touch from Fischer, laying down some 70’s-sounding soul piano. There is a big chanting “ooh” at the tail end of this one, with Thams’ vocal wailing and the whole thing ending heavy.

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The Liquorsmiths: This Book Belongs To