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Published On: Thu, Aug 27th, 2015

THE SEX FILES: We Speak To Andy Alvarez of Webmaster Central

Webmaster CentralOften here I speak with talent: porn stars, guys and gals shooting and producing content for their niche sites, writers, cam girls, etc. This time around I had the pleasure to speak with Andy Alvarez of Webmaster Central. Webmaster Central has a well-deserved, near two decade reputation for staying on the cutting edge of adult content delivery technologies…and providing websites with outstanding HD video content.  Recently acquiring the rights to hundreds of new HD video clips, Andy and his company offer the budding web site owner or even those men and women who have been in the adult business awhile, the latest in content delivery technologies, plus the highest end HD video content. Dating websites use Webmaster Central as well. Here’s what I learned from Andy about ‘the biz’ of the biz.

First and foremost, what is Webmaster Central and why would someone running an adult website need you guys?

The typical new webmaster doesn’t often know the best way to make their websites work. We help facilitate the process, giving them a quality front end website that converts traffic into members. We load the site with the best HD adult content in the particular niche that the webmaster is attempting to sell and deliver that content to their members in the highest and fastest and most mobile friendly way available. Essentially, we provide the tools to help these webmasters look like a serious professional in as little as a week after getting into the business.

How do you choose what titles to put in your catalog?

We don’t choose titles per se, we choose scenes… and the best scenes we can determine, at that. The formula is pretty easy for us; hot girls, hot guys, talent that is true to their market. And we don’t exclude the niches that may not be to our fancy. We want something to offer for everyone.

Seeing that you are striving to always offer HD content, to stay on top of the latest delivery methods, would it be safe to say the way in which these movies are delivered is as important, or even more important, then the content itself?

Yes, the technology behind how we deliver the content is just as important as the content itself. It’s a big, flashy screen that’s fast and completely mobile friendly that make many of the tube sites out there look behind the times. We keep much of how we deliver our content as a ’secret family recipe” but I can tell you this: I’ll put our technology and content against anyone in the business.

Staying with this point, how does one sift through all the tons of stuff out there that isn’t up to your standards (God know there has to be lots of it to wade through?)

The quality control our editor uses is STRICT; we don’t just use the “send me some HD content” method. Each scene we will use must be shot within a certain period of time and must be sent to us shot directly from the camera and sent on a harddrive. Our editor isn’t sitting there with some DVD’s on his desk looking at covers. (Andy laughs)

Is there any content-say niche clips and movies-you find your clients are especially interested in?

Hot straight content in different positions and different scenarios and niches-threesomes, blondes, teens, etc.-basically, the usual suspects tops our list. I could tell you tranny is popular, and gay is popular-and they are-but for the most part hot sex with hot people is still king in our world.

Is there any content you refuse to carry?

We don’t do BDSM, and we don’t do anything that is perceived as degrading to woman in a seemingly violent way, like abuse, watersports, humiliation, etc.

With so many companies doing what you do, and lots of possibility for men and women to download clips for free, what is the advantages of someone wanting to get into this business, being affiliated with Webmaster Central?

Because for the Webmasters that know how to drive traffic and make the effort, there is a very distinct advantage to working with us. Our content will keep their members happy, and coming back for more, increasing retention, and them making money. Plus, with the new dating explosion that’s been happening over the last couple of years, there are more and more opportunities to work with Webmaster Central all the time. The dating sites that use Webmaster Central make more money typically, than those that don’t! In short… there is nobody on the market that does what we do.

If you are looking to branch out in what you do online or are looking to better what you already are into, contact Andy at

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THE SEX FILES: We Speak To Andy Alvarez of Webmaster Central