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Published On: Mon, Aug 31st, 2015

Phony Ppl: Yesterday’s Tommorrow

phony pplPhony Ppl
Yesterday’s Tomorrow

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I appreciate having a platform on which I review music. I tried to be objective and fair in my reviews. I am an artist myself and try to be sensitive to the fact that every album I listen to is somebody’s “baby” in art form. I choose a group this time. I’ve never heard of them, but I wanted to get into something new. Phony Ppl just sounded interesting and I love interesting.

I pressed play not knowing what to expect and sat back. There were a few things I noticed: they have a very different approach to music. It almost feels like a run-on sentence of my music. Its like purposeful chaos – vibey, but laid-back. The titles alone are unique: “aGe of you.,” “Why iii Love the Moon.,” “Statue of Liberty.” The music is scenic to me; it has soundtrack potential. It has a worldly essence as well. I’m not necessarily into it whole-heartedly, but maybe you may walk away with something different than I did.

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Phony Ppl: Yesterday’s Tommorrow