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Published On: Thu, Sep 10th, 2015

Dornik: Dornik

(Caroline Records)

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Dornik is an artist that lays his influences in plain view. On his eponymous debut, the English singer’s lightweight vocals and flawless production brings to mind various talents like the King of Pop and R&B stars Miguel and Frank Ocean, yet Dornik stands out on his own as a musician, singer and songwriter. Falling along the lines of electro-soul and pop-R&B, Dornik (who’s name is a fusion of his parent’s names, Dorothy and Nick) grooves effortlessly through each track, meshing late night grooves and up-tempo melodies like he’s been crafting them all his life.

Dornik had heavy inspirations in ’80s pop. “I love Prince, he’s the king. I love 1999, Purple Rain and Around the World in a Day. Also Michael Jackson. They were two really big influences on me, who were not at all scared of being influenced by rock,” Dornik says in a recent interview. From the seductiveness of “Something About You” and “Mountain,” to the gorgeous “Chain Smoke” (“I’m addicted to your lips, girl”), and the wooziness of “Strong,” listeners can expect to be taken on a journey of desire with the 24-year-old, who’s also the tour drummer for singer Jessie Ware.

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Dornik: Dornik