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Published On: Thu, Sep 10th, 2015

THE SEX FILES: Talks with Eddie Finocchiaro (aka Uncle Eddie) Host of “The HamRadio Show”

Uncle EddieEddie Finocchiaro, who describes himself as “just an abnormal guy from Staten Island, New York who has a loooooooooove for Radio” hosts The HamRadio Show on the PLANETPLATYPUS.COM network. Eddie interviews actors, pornstars, you name it, in a style that could only be called unexpurgated…in the very best sense of that word.

After finishing broadcast school, Eddie became an intern at Sirius & XM before their merger & before Howard Stern climbed aboard. Though the station did want to hire him, budgets got cut to make room for the “King of all Media” to come to satellite radio and Eddie next found himself at Q104.3 in NYC, first interning for “The Jim Kerr Morning Show” then becoming a full-time cast member and even a fill-in producer. But after three years and more budget cuts, Eddie landed at the PLANETPLATYPUS.COM network, hosting his own show and forever looking to the future, as you will learn below.

From porn to wrestling to interviewing ex child TV stars, you must be a guy with varied interests. Still are there any subjects off limits for The Ham Radio Show?

No, I don’t think anything should be off limits. You don’t censor yourself when you are talking to friends or family, right? So why should we? We consider our fans to be friends so we will run a full gambit of topics because people talk about everything…The HamRadio Show isn’t about off limits, we’re about “No Limits.”

You have interviewed quite a lot of very cool people, who would be your dream man or woman to get across your mike…living or dead?

I have two really I would want to interview, a sitting U.S. President and ask them the real questions, not the softball stuff other interviewers throw at them. . . and my guilty pleasure guest would be Mel Brooks, who I have tried for on numerous times but it hasn’t happened yet!

Which interview or interviews surprised you the most so far…and why?

I know this is going to sound cheesy, but almost all my interviews surprise me one way or another. Whether it’s a pornstar or a mainstream actor, if you go in to talk with someone with one idea of who they are then, they are the total opposite, it blows your mind a little and it’s always fun ‘cause you learn a lot about the person behind the “NAME” and at the end of the day that’s who I wanna talk to.

What do podcasts give us that regular radio, even radio on satellite doesn’t?

I think what podcast offer the audience is usually they don’t have a corp. structure behind them so they don’t have to conform to a certain group of rules. I’m not calling for chaos but sometimes too many cooks spoil the broth and if everyone is telling you how to do your show then you’re really not doing your show.

Playing devil’s advocate, someone could say that there are just too many podcasts out there, too much information about too many subjects coming at us all the time. How does one get heard or even create something they feel is worth hearing above the din?

Oh I agree there are too many shows or podcasts out there. Let’s face it, anyone who has a mic considers themselves a radio show host and in the real world they ain’t! Most times these amateurs look to their idols like Stern, O&A etc. and figure they can just do what these pros do… buuuuuuuut they can’t, which makes it harder for a show like mine to make it big because companies lump us all together putting us in a little box as if we are all the same.

Everyone in and out of the adult business logs-in an opinion about where porn is headed within the next few years, due to the intrusion of the net, condom mandatory laws, etc. Where do you see porn in 5 years?

In 5 years I don’t see porn changing that much because of the love & need for it from the fans. That being said I do believe it will grow in size and how we get it will change. They’ll probably be able to beam it right into our brains and make us feel like we are actually banging the pornstars!

Do you go out seeking subjects, do you find one another across social media, do people seek you out the longer you do the podcast?

I seek out subjects from a bunch of places…mainly life in general. You would be surprised of all the topics you can carry over from your life to your audience because they relate to them. And yes the normal places are great to find stories but it’s how you spin the story that I think is important because if you are bringing in the same old story everyone else is the same way, people get bored and turn you off, but if you branch off the original story and spin a new angle then boom, it’s a brand new story that will keep your audience’s attention…and that is the name of the game.

Tell us about some future shows you have planned.

I want nothing more than the best for my show. I wanna not just walk in the footsteps of the greats that have come before me but I wanna forge our own path. First we build a bigger audience, then we stretch the show from just a radio show to a TV show bringing entertainment to the masses cause at the end of the day. That’s what all this is about right?

Where can people find you and the show?

For more information about The HamRadio Show go to HAMRADIOSHOW.COM. We air LIVE every Tuesday on PLANETPLATYPUS.COM from 9am-1pm EST……. and one day who knows SiriusXM and a TV station near you!

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THE SEX FILES: Talks with Eddie Finocchiaro (aka Uncle Eddie) Host of “The HamRadio Show”