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Published On: Tue, Sep 15th, 2015

Public Image Ltd.: What the World Needs Now…

what the worldPublic Image Ltd.
What the World Needs Now…
(PiL Official)

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Johnny “Rotten” Lydon complains about the toilet being broken again, then shouts into the opening jumpy, spikey, guitared “Double Trouble” from the new Public Image Ltd. album, What the World Needs Now… “Bettie Page” features a 60’s TV detective show guitar theme under Lydon’s talk/singing and even a melodic chorus in this wry mock on America. “The One” is built on an acoustic/electric flick-a-flick swing and lower warble from Lydon. It’s one of the most accessible tunes here, the single-note U2-isms and Lydon’s passionate vocal build around what is basically one riff and the same rhythm. “Big Blue Sky” sees Lydon doing his best Bono-doing-Jim Morrison relating big, spoken imagery around American Indian chanting and a long-winded atmosphere from the band (rim shots, tight wha-wha guitar and so-soft, subtle bass), while “I’m Not Satisfied” and “Corporate” certainly mine old PIL sensibilities: lots of anger and a call-to-responsibility (or just simply human decency?). Great angry songs, both! “Whole Life Time” has a good groove with shimmering background sounds, solid walking bass, a perfect, tight beat and Lydon’s over-the-top enunciation. It’s another very accessible tune with a good shouted/sung chorus and good sounds. “Shoom” is basically a tight snare march with Lydon telling us that all sex is bollocks, a very bleak picture for our survival to be sure. And “Turkey Tits,” with wonderful bass riffing and Lydon shouting his usual worldview across a very quick, little ditty ends the album. Certainly what the world needs now is this breath of fresh, cynical air from Public Image Ltd. This is a great album.


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Public Image Ltd.: What the World Needs Now…