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Published On: Tue, Sep 29th, 2015

THE SEX FILES: Tanya Tate’s Baby Sitting Academy

Baby Sitting AcademyI’d venture to say that nobody does lesbian-flavored porn quite like Tanya Tate. Her new Filly Films release Baby Sitting Academy features a darling bunch of vignettes where older women seduce younger, contemporaries and roll around, having fun with even a babysitter seeing a sweet comeuppance. Miss Tate is a master at this-she stars in and directs here-and is adept at getting girls off while showing her magnificent body, and she is great at getting to the action quick enough but not so fast as to rush the tease.

The first scene with Tanya interviewing, taking pictures of and eventually seducing Jasmine Summers (in her first ever adult scene) is exquisite. Tanya keeps pushing the action as Jasmine has no choice but to succumb, and we are first treated to the younger woman in crop top and flared skirt, then in sky blue panties and bra, then naked (showing-off a magnificent rear). Along the way Tanya takes the newbie in some very interesting ways with Jasmine seemingly learning right quick.

This opening scene for me is the hottest in a DVD with lots of hot scenes.

Bed frolicking between Jenna Sativa and Chloe Amour follows, as does another older woman leading younger between Jaclyn Taylor and Electra Rose (there is an ending shot here that is especially hot as the women masturbate one another, legs spread side by side) and the last scene of Cali Carter having to make amends to Cheri DeVille and boss Tanya Tate (Cali is caught smoking with a girlfriend when she should have been babysitting..oh my!)

Tanya Tate’s Baby Sitting Academy is another hit for Filly Films and available here.

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THE SEX FILES: Tanya Tate’s Baby Sitting Academy