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Published On: Wed, Oct 14th, 2015

Kimia Penton: Lessons From Life and Love

kimiaKimia Penton
Lessons From Life and Love

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A flicking acoustic guitar and soft percussion lay under Kimia Penton’s opening tune, “My Kind Of Love,” on her new album, Lessons From Life and Love. The violin does intrude as do sweet harmonies on this heartache opening love tune. “The Door,” which follows, is a gospel-like, piano-led ballad, once again showing off this lady’s impressive pipes. “Crossroads” features a mix of leading acoustic and piano. Penton warbles and wails over the top here, in yet another tune about knock-down-drag-out love. The musicians here are studied and subtle, if the lyrics a bit trite. “Start Again” (once again featuring subtle acoustic playing) is another lilting ballad. The descending piano lines in this one are especially effective. “Memories Of You” comes with a good (and by this part of the album) welcomed groove. Things get a little acoustic rockin’ here dare I say with a strong melody and singable chorus. It’s a story song about, yes, love again, but it does move with a click-a-shunk beat, plinking acoustic and what might just be Penton’s strongest vocals of the lot here. If anything on this tune she could have extended a bit and really fleshed things out. Listening to all of Lessons From Life and Love, I often find myself thinking “hey, where is the lady’s violin playing?” as there is too little of it on this album to be sure. Born in the Middle East, raised in London and now living in Dallas, vocalist/songwriter/violinist Kimia Penton is learning new lessons for life from some obviously rough moments of love on Lessons From Life and Love.

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Kimia Penton: Lessons From Life and Love