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Published On: Tue, Oct 20th, 2015

Tori Kelly: Unbreakable Smile

toriTori Kelly
Unbreakable Smile

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Every now and then an artist exudes a near unexplainable, unescapable vibrancy that’s at the center of their art, style, delivery and personality. In the realm of pop music, singer/songwriter/guitarist Tori Kelly has that thing. Clearly. It’s something she navigates comfortably, effortlessly and it is profound. Her new album, Unbreakable Smile, is heavily pop while her early YouTube videos, which gained quite an impressive following incorporated more acoustic soul sounds. Not having earned too much success as an early American Idol contestant who never made it to the top 24, those very videos are the reason we see her artistry as it is now. This new album is a bouquet of nicely painted, contemplative pop that frames and boasts her magnificent vocals and her delectable range. The title track has a sugary bounce to it while Tori truthfully declares who she really is with a heady sweetness and unapologetic charm. A powerhouse of a track, “Nobody Love,” has a throwback doo-wop swing dialed in with an exciting rhythmic appeal. “Should’ve Been Us” ponders a future of a love that will never be and “First Heartbreak” is drenched in soft acoustic regalia with a stripped-down, pensive vibe at first. The album also features cameos by LL Cool J, Ed Sheeran and Daye Jack.

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Tori Kelly: Unbreakable Smile