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Published On: Wed, Oct 21st, 2015

The Yawpers: American Man

american manThe Yawpers
American Man
(Bloodshot Records)

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American Man is The Yawpers’ (singer/guitarist Nate Cook, drummer Noah Shomberg and Jesse Parmet’s guitar) second full-length release. It opens with a loud slip-and-slide, in-your-face, shift-and-strut, punk-sprinkled “Doing It Right,” while the title track that follows opens with slow, bluesy electric and Cook’s truly distinctive, almost Keith Richards’ vocals. Halfway in, Shomberg throws in his big beat and things get dramatic without being overwrought and we can really chew on the great lyrics presented. “Tied” rolls around from snapping drum/vocal verse pushing to over-driven growl choruses and Parmet’s driven pull-offs and slide. “Deacon Brody” is slide wacky snapping loudness into a rolling deep tom tom mess (in the best sense of the term). “9 to 5” is a staccato, muted meanness, with a great big singable chorus. It grooves like mad, between the more restrained verses and then the big slide guitar nastiness and my favorite lyric of the entire album, “Ain’t nobody gonna save you when you’re strung-out in Wichita .” There’s a big roil frantic-ness (channeling Johnny Cash maybe?) on the nasty “Kiss It,” and a spooky echo slide builds to a storm stuttering beat into the low voice verses on the positively anthemic “3 am.” Presenting another great lyric: “I pissed on every monument and prayed to Oscar Wilde.” With spectacularly placed backing vocal “oohs” and harmony vocals, this is the best tune on American Man for me, on an album of lots of great tunes.


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The Yawpers: American Man