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Published On: Thu, Oct 22nd, 2015

THE SEX FILES: New Movies from Wicked Pictures

StarmakerHere’s a new trio of films from Wicked Pictures I want to tell you about. Starmaker written by Brad Armstrong, is set up around a floundering movie writer-Jeremy-meeting would be actress “Mia” played by Asa Akira, and the pair trying to make their way into the Hollywood elite. After meeting heavyweight producer Mr. Anderson at a party, and trying to blackmail the man, the pair get into some sticky situations as they insinuate themselves in the very seedy world of movie making.

Asa Akira is fetching here, and you really can’t take your eyes off her, especially when she is using her copious oral talents or just sitting and telling stories about her auditions. The twists and turns here come slow but they are fun and the sex is plentiful, with a solid girl-girl scene near the end of the film not to be believed.

In the movie Wanted, We get a female-led outlaw romp. Four ladies star here: Stormy Daniels, Allie Haze, Amber Rayne and Anikka Albrite, riding horses, clomping boots across realistic western sets, making well over six-inch shooters shoot and of course…having lots of sex with their cowboys and each other. There’s even a threesome that takes place in a teepee! There’s no way you can’t be happy with all the talent on screen in this one-and very sexy talent it is-but the sets and those wonderful costumes really add to the story and authenticity, making Wanted a hoot.

With the last DVD (the only one of the three here that is not a 2 disc set) we get an instructional hour in the series Jessica Drake’s Guide To Wicked Sex: BDSM For Beginners. Opening with Jessica talking to the camera, we soon get into interviews with the adult star “couples” who talk about and get into what “hard” boundaries they have in S&M play, how to fashion a collar on your lover, work around a tight latex outfit, administer a spanking and a flogging and in the hottest scene by far, inserting and playing with a butt plug.

I’m not sure how much you learn here, but the action is slow and deliberate and the participants are erring on safety at all times, so as a primer to this kind of play this might not be a bad DVD to view and study.

Time and again I ask myself, in this day and age of digital downloading (and too much of stolen porn content) where can we still get good dirty DVD’s of high production value with really top notch talent having sex. Wicked gives us three right here with Jessica Drake’s Guide To Wicked Sex: BDSM For Beginners, Wanted and Starmaker.

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THE SEX FILES: New Movies from Wicked Pictures