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Published On: Fri, Oct 23rd, 2015

Late Night Alumni: Eclipse

eclipseLate Night Alumni

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Late Night Alumni has been crafting a wholesome brand of electro-pop elegance for years. Every album is a wonderfully layered release that incorporates alluring vocals that perfectly move to enchant beautiful blends of synths, intoxicating bass lines and gorgeous, pop-infused melodies and Eclipse is no different. Pounding bass and pulsating keys decorate “Drummer,” while “Good Measure” feels romantic and sweetly sleepy as an acoustic, slow-burning ballad. The beauty of Late Night Alumni is that they have crafted a formula very unique to them, which never fails to sound rich, introspective and compelling. Strings set off the elegance of “Joan of Arc” against rebellious drums. Flighty keys on “Runaway” are upbeat while the track suddenly breaks into a heavy, dark, danceable beat fest. Based out of Salt Lake City, Utah, if one would close their eyes and run a single finger along the discography of any album Late Night Alumni has ever made, they would find an ideal, impeccable and creative companion that never fails to intrigue.

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Late Night Alumni: Eclipse