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Published On: Thu, Nov 5th, 2015

Lozk: Meaningless Words

Meaningless Words

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A plucky atmosphere begins Lozk’s new album, Meaningless Words, as “Intro” gives way to the low, chunky beat, metallic strikes and chanting of “Amusaca.” Bogotá, Colombia native Leonardo Suárez Jiménez is responsible for the music (as well as the visuals) here. Certainly there is a lot of conceptual sameness here, but on “Warimomba” we get some slightly higher tones plucking in the chanting (hey, the name of the album is Meaningless Words after all!), plus a very effective gut guitar line. “Chiaro” is built on a sweet, soft chime arpeggio with counter vocal “ohhs” and slunky percussion, while ”Oscuro” follows pretty much the same (it sounds like the same song actually) without the vocals. “Andafeal” has some truly inspired percussion, probably the best layering of it here, again with some wholly wordless vocalizing, but the song moves with a single distorted guitar line buried in the mix and that percussion bed keeping up the brisk good pace. This one is another of my favorites here. Low bass and synth moaning flow right into the plucky beat of album ender “Amaramarea.” This one builds with almost a 70’s synth and guitar, and once again the chunky beat and chanting. It’s a great way to go out, as instruments drop out for just Leonardo’s vocal, some wild flights of it actually at times, midway (though the beat keeps up) into a single line of synth that builds in desperation.

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Lozk: Meaningless Words