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Published On: Tue, Nov 10th, 2015

David Gilmour: Rattle That Lock

david gDavid Gilmour
Rattle That Lock

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The plucky, single notes over sweet, slightly sad acoustic and lush synth orchestra backing of “5 A.M.” opens David Gilmour’s new album, Rattle That Lock. The title track that follows certainly puts the ex-Pink Floyd guitarist in an uncharacteristic groove (though slightly reminiscent of the more moving stuff from Gilmour’s second solo album, About Face). Though the lyric is a little too trite for my taste (I never was so sold on Gilmour’s wife Polly’s lyrical abilities), I like the funk here a lot and Gilmour’s vocal is quite unlike him. Gilmour offers a single piano note/light string opening on “Faces of Stone” sounding very Rick Wright-ian (dearly departed Floyd keyboardist) before some easy Parisian-influenced Damon Iddins-played accordion under Gilmour’s lower vocals and easy strumming. It’s a simple, nice tune with another spot-on simple electric lead. “In Any Tongue” about a son coming home from the war is filled with the tropes of latter-day Floyd. It’s got some of the best (and most dramatic) Gilmour vocals of the whole album and perfectly placed drumming from not-heard-enough-from-for-my-taste drummer Andy Newmark. Gilmour’s crying lead at the end might actually make you cry too; nobody plays an economy of electric guitar notes quite like he. “Beauty” rolls out as thick instrumental pairing of Gilmour’s high bends and Roger Eno’s piano playing, “Today” offers more funk with Guy Pratt’s big bass and “And Then…” ends it all, keys under Gilmour’s single notes once again. Having such an affinity for David Gilmour I barely need a few notes from the guy’s guitar and I am done. I think Rattle That Lock is a decent effort from the man, but not so very special, sorry to say.

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David Gilmour: Rattle That Lock