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Published On: Fri, Nov 13th, 2015

May Devun: Penumbra Lounge

may dMay Devun
Penumbra Lounge

A slow and low piano and “shhhaka” back beat swirls underneath a kept-to-just-about-the-break-out point drama of May Devun’s opener, “Echoes in the Dark” of her new album Penumbra Lounge. Overall Devun keeps restraint better than most, playing all the instruments here (she has a very nice touch on the piano), but I’d rather hear her sing tunes like “We Walk Alone” than “Somebody to Love” where she is channeling Christina Aguilera, showing off more than singing. “We Walk Alone” is a roiling, big meaty punch-in-your-gut, piano-and-strings offering with Devun showcasing her lower range, at times some well-placed high moments and stellar backing vocals. We get another piano/vocal killer on “The Boy (He Loves Me)” with light touches of drums and strings. It’s an otherwise pretty tune, but again we get some overwrought warbling from Devun (why do modern-day female vocalists with obviously great pipes have such a need for melisma?). “Status Anxiety” begins with drums, light cymbals and snare, some synth and Devun’s signature piano, and lead low synth line. The drums pick up, as does the drama, while mid-way we get stops and starts with the lilting piano line and the fine drumming (the drums even get a solo here at the end); an instrumental, who would have thunk it?! I love that Devun shut-up long enough to give us a deep dark piano/drum/synth concoction. “Encore” is a soft piano, synth swash of an ender, but not much different than what has gone before it. Again, May Devun proves she has a nice voice and the drums that trill in here provide a neat metallic backing.

You can purchase the album here.

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May Devun: Penumbra Lounge