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Published On: Thu, Nov 26th, 2015

Valerie Brundage: Erotic Daydreams

Erotic DaydreamsIn the blistering paced, cut-to-the-end-of-the-chase world we live in, very little written erotica makes it through to be read, let alone even recognized that it exists. Sure a Fifty Shades of Grey may make it to the mainstream, but the E.L. James trilogy is more the exception than the rule, though Anastasia and Mr. Grey did prompt a bunch of writers to try their pen at erotica and use the web to bolster sales. But not just anyone can write a naughty story-or at least one worth reading-and very little erotica will ever even tickle a mainstream audience.

It’s for this reason that when a good dirty story (or a bunch of them) comes along, I like to report about it, so you might seek out the book and the author. Valerie Brundage’s Erotic Daydreams is a bundle of eight tales, told either in the 1st or 3rd person, almost all mainly from a female p.o.v., pretty much about women in control of their sexual lives….even when in the action they might seem to be giving up control.

Brundage writes with a specificity here, and surely such detail will not be to everyone’s taste. But for me the devil (and a nasty, hot little devil that he/she is) is in the details when it comes to erotica. Thus author’s observations are spot-on and as in “A Careful And Expert Application Of Ice” my most favorite story here, Brundage’s expertise truly comes through and makes her work that much hotter.

Erotic Daydreams is a tight little bundle of naughty stories that you really should get your hot little hands on. Available here.

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Valerie Brundage: Erotic Daydreams