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Published On: Wed, Dec 2nd, 2015

Joel Ansett: The Nature of Us

joel aJoel Ansett
The Nature of Us

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Joel Ansett’s new album, The Nature of Us, opens with the man using his wonderfully sexy voice in an a capella, finger-snapping beginning to the mid-tempo dance beat of “Kingdom Come.” It’s a big production that opens slowly with synth bass and horn layering; it’s a great tune. I am crazy for the acoustic guitar work on “Turn to Gold,” which has Ansett’s sweet voice, some low tom work and just a hint of backing higher female vocals. It opens up to plinking synth string sweeping to realize a full, thick, sad ballad. The losing-love song, “Tragedy Is Not the End,” has a counter piano line that is just killer. “The Cycle” has a popping snare and flicking, funky played acoustic in what sounds like a swirling plea of friendship, with a percussion bed below it, an auto-tuned vocal way back in the mix, and a rap here as well! “New York” has a floaty piano under what spins out to be a very lush production. Ansett truly relates his view of a city he feels God should save first, on this rich tune. The man obviously has a distinct, strong set of pipes, but he never overdoes it; he knows restraint as much in the production of these songs as he does with how he sings. “Kings & Queens” ends. It has picked electric, flowing strings, layered vocals, and a good, simple beat. It’s another example of a tune on The Nature of Us building without getting loud (instruments and vocals both), slowly revealing a true cry to empowerment. The “la da de dah’s” with the electric guitar picking ease us out in a very tasteful way to end the entire album. You need get yourself some Joel Ansett!


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Joel Ansett: The Nature of Us